• Introduction to Backend Development on Hasura

    IBD is a free online course on backend development for front-end developers and others.

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  • Course prerequisites

    These are the concepts that you need to be familiar with to get the most out of IBD.

    App basics

    You should have some basic familiarity with how web/mobile apps work. You should know what these mean: APIs, hosting, database, mobile app, web app.

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    Shell basics

    The IBD course will make you use a bash shell. You should be familiar with how to handle files, directories, command execution, like: ls, cd, mkdir, rmdir, cat, grep, curl.

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    Git basics

    Basic knowledge of git will be assumed. You should also be able to push code from your computer to your github (or others) account without a password, by setting up your SSH keys.

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    Code basics

    You should know programming basics. For example, you shoudl be able to create an executable that prints "Hello world" or run a web-server on port 8080.

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